3 Reasons Why a Flowercard Makes the Perfect Gift


Flowercards, such as those  created by the (perhaps unsurprisingly named) Flowercard, have revolutionised card giving and flower gifting.

Quite simply, a flowercard is a 3D card which includes as part of its design live flowers, whether as part of a small spray, full bouquet or even living plant – and here are just three reasons why they are proving so massively popular here in the UK.

  1. Perfect for Every Occasion

any occasion that calls for a card has in 2017 a flowercard alternative, or more likely a range of them; hence, rather than opting to gift a flat, 2D card featuring a mass produced print of flowers, it is well worth instead gifting the real thing.

Negating the need to separately search for an appropriate gift and card only to then write both a card and as well one of those tiny name cards that come with most florist bought bouquets, it makes far more sense to simply combine the too, especially when you can do so whatever the occasion. Further, doing so stands to save yourself a considerable amount of time and stress as well as possibly a few quid along with it.

Of course, because there is such a choice of flowercards out there today, at the very least, it is worth familiarising yourself with what different flowers represent, express and symbolise in order to avoid turning the original and lovely gift of a flowercard into a potentially offensive or inappropriate one. So, ahead of ordering a flowercard and whatever the occasion, it is a good idea to first give the About Flowers website guide to giving flowers for every occasion a read through.

  1. Make a Card Extra Special

The greeting card industry is big business. In fact, the Greeting Card Association, which has been around since 1919 and is currently the only organisation or body which monitors the overall sale of greeting cards within the UK, published in their 2016 report that the card industry in the UK alone is now worth £1.7 billion a year, with card sales increasing in 2015 5% over the previous year. This means that in 2015 880 million greeting cards were sold in the UK, and this figure does not include those of course which were handmade and sold independently or given directly.

Why do these figures matter to you and I? well, understanding just how important the giving and receiving of cards is here within the UK and how entrenched card giving is in British culture provides some evidence as to just how much we all feel about card giving and receiving; with one in six high street retailers selling greeting cards, this also means that whilst us Brits are unlikely to suffer a lack of choice the level of choice can actually make finding the right card or one which stands out pretty hard going.

Then, to avoid making the mistake of giving a run of the mill or forgettable card, (especially if you worry you aren’t so great at express your feelings fully or too brilliantly in words and instead rely on finding a great image or verse) the answer is easy; buck the trend and opt to give a flowercard. A beautiful, living gesture featuring a card that can be kept once its flowers have long wilted, flowercards are the perfect way to turn a card from flat to flourishing – quite literally.

  1. Save Some Money…and Save the World

Most of us have to budget carefully in order to afford gifts giving. Sometimes the stress of working out what to spend, whether to spend and where to spend it can all but paralyse us or otherwise result in giving some rather strange and even unwanted gifts. This, in turn, adds to the yearly waste we create as a country; The Mirror Newspaper Online estimated that us Brits would gave 116 million unwanted gifts at Christmas 2016 alone, to provide some perspective. It also costs us financially every time we waste money on a present that fails to express our feelings for an intended recipient. At worst, a ‘cheap’ or badly chosen gift can cause offence.

Hence, a flowercard provides an affordable alternative to giving something that might just clutter a home, get thrown out or passed on. Further, when the flowers do end up in the bin, the card can, as aforementioned, be kept as a reminder of having received such a thoughtful gift. Meanwhile, those less inclined to keep their cards can simply and easily recycle them. Hence, to give something special and save the planet while you’re at it, and all without breaking the bank, flowercards really are the way to go in 2017.