5 Expert Kids Party Planning Tips


As your kid’s birthday approaches, it can be easy to get more than a little flustered about putting on a party that both the children and parents will enjoy.

First, you’ve got to consider a theme, then there’s the party games, the food, the party bags and, of course, the cake.

However, what if we told you that it didn’t need to be so stressful? What if you could put on a great party without any of the panic attacks before, during and afterwards? Well, take a look at these 5 expert kids party planning tips, and you might just pull it off.

Ask For Help

While it seems obvious, far too many parents try to take on a birthday party all by themselves, only to regret it.

Whether it’s your partner, a family member, a close friend or parents of other children attending, it’s worth asking well in advance for help with things like the food, drink, decorating and planning for any party games.

Stick to a Theme

Themes are one of the most important things of any kids birthday party because everything else should be influenced by them.

Hopefully, it should be quite easy to decide on an initial theme, be it your kid’s favourite superhero, Disney princess or animal. Once you’ve settled on one, try and leave its mark on everything.


Take a look at this great post from Real Simple which shows how you can make the most out of a theme. Our favourite is the Little Italy party which includes ‘pin the pepperoni on the pizza’, ‘hot tomato’ (hot potato with but with a tomato’ and ‘meatball race’.

Over Prepare With Food

One common mistake at any party is not preparing enough party food. We all know just how occasionally difficult children can be with their eating habits, so even when you think you’ve made enough, you discover you are short on pizza and overstocked on egg and cress sandwiches.

The simplest way to tackle this is to make more than enough. There’s no need to worry about extra waste because you could offer some to parents, and potentially the sweeter things could make up part of the party bags.

Create a Timeline

This tip comes courtesy of London party planners Twizzle. They told us, “The easiest way to make sure everything runs as you planned is to make a schedule or timetable for the party. Whether it has two or ten points on it, it gives your party some much-needed structure.”

“A timetable not only allows the children a chance to play all of the fun activities you’ve planned, it helps you work out the best time to serve the party food.”

“However, if one activity roles over into another time slot, don’t panic. If the kids are enjoying it, that’s all that really matters. Reshuffle things or cut some activities if one or two prove particularly successful!”

Save Gifts for Later

Depending on the average age of children attending, some kids can get quite jealous watching the birthday boy or girl open the pile of presents, which can turn the party upside down.

We suggest you save the gift opening until all ion the guests have left, this way things won’t get derailed.

Obviously, this is easier said than done because some children or parents want to witness your child open the gift they have bought for them.

Assess this case by case, sometimes it might be possible to sneak off to a side room and do it, sometimes it won’t. For some great advice on this always tricky situation, check out this post from Alpha Mom.