7 Places You Shouldn’t Miss if Travelling to Provence, France


If you’re looking for somewhere to relax, soak up some sun and sample some delicious French food and wine then look no further than Provence, France.The region of Provence provides the perfect blend of history, activities, culture and fun to leave any traveler breathless.

Here’s our guide to 7 top things to do in Provence.

Check out the nightlife in Marseille

The nightlife in the city of Marseille as every bit as vibrant as it is unique. The city plays host to an array of bars and clubs to suit all musical tastes from grungy rock haunts to vibrant hip hop clubs. Some of the most popular areas for nightlife are Place Thiars and Cours Honoré-d’Estienne-d’Orves in the Vieux Port, and Cours Julien. Marseille is famous in France for its bustling hip hop scene and a hip hop night is a must for any visitor to the city

Sample the local cuisine

The food in Provence is delicious by any standards thanks to the sun kissed produce available locally. Local favorites include Tapenade & Anchoïade, a purée of olives either black or green, crushed with a mortar and pestle and mixed with garlic, capers and anchovies and Petit Farcis, which are aubergines, courgette, onion, peppers and tomatoes and sometimes potatoes, stuffed with seasoned minced meat and slowly oven-cooked.

The food in Provence really is a top attraction for any visitor to the region.

Enjoy a taste of the region’s famous wine

Wine has been made in this region for at least 2,600 years. Today the region is best known for its rose wine although many wine critics have spoken highly of the red wines produced in the region.

No trip to Provence would be complete without a trip to the region’s many vineyards while a glass of delicious local wine goes down a treat with any meal. If you feel like taking the flavor back home then why not purchase a few bottles of local wine while visiting the area.

Check out the Palais des Papes and the Point d’Avignon

The Provence region is brimming with enough history to keep any traveler entertained and informed during a visit to the area. Two of the top sights to check out in the region are the Palais des Papes and the Point d’Avignon. The Palais des Papes is a historical palace in Avignon and is one of the largest and most important medieval Gothic buildings in Europe. The palace provides a majestic postcard moment for any traveler and a visit to the palace will leave travelers with memories which will last a life time.

Nearby the Pont d’Avignon, is a medieval bridge in the town of Avignon, it spans the river Rhône between Villeneuve-lès-Avignon and Avignon and will leave any traveler stunned by its size and beauty.

Do some shopping at Isle sur la Sorgue

If you fancy taking home some souvenirs for family and friends then look no further than the largest outdoor market in the idyllic Luberon area within the Provence region of France.

The weekly Sunday shopping spree combines a food market, flea market, and antique market so you can always find the perfect gift to take back home.
Visit the Camargue Wetlands

The UNESCO classified Carmargue wetlands are a mixture of marshes, rice paddies, and salt plains and are now a protected natural reserve, home to wild white horses, black bulls and pink flamingos.

The wetlands cross the Rhone River delta and provide a beautiful experience for any traveler visiting the region. If you visit in summer,make sure to pack mosquito repellent, no matter what time of the year you decide to visit then always pack your common sense and respect the local nature and wildlife in the area. The wetlands are a must see for any visitor to the region and provide a once in a lifetime experience for any traveler.

Chill in the thermal springs at Digne les bains

The town of Digne-les-Bains is a popular stop for French and foreign visitors thanks to its beautiful thermal springs. If you feel like relaxing after a hard day of travelling then the thermal springs at Dignes les bains should certainly be on your itinerary.

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