A Smart Traveler’s Guide for Great Houseboat Rental Deals


If you have been planning your next vacation, it is wise spend some time in choosing the right kind of accommodation. While hotels and motels are always available, one of the better ideas is to choose a houseboat. Of course, there are only a few places in the world where one would find the option of houseboats. There is no denying that houseboats are fun and intimate at the same time. You can choose to travel from one place to another, enjoy the weather and sun and spend the night watching the stars. In this post, we will offer quick tips to get American houseboat rentals.

Understand your needs

Houseboats are not like hotels. While you will still have all the facilities you need for a vacation, there is no room service, and you are pretty much on your own. Try to understand the kind of amenities you need and the number of people traveling with you. Rental owners may not allow many people on the same boat, and there might be specific policies with regards to taking the boat from one place to another. If you are willing to forgo a few luxuries, these rentals can be pretty affordable.

Saving money

Getting good deals on houseboat rentals is easy, especially if you book in advance. Try to check online to find the right websites for bookings. Last minute bookings often cost a lot more than usual. It is advisable that you check for options at least two to three months in advance to get the best prices. Apart from the amenities, the prices are also decided by the length of the trip. Extended travel, usually for more than two weeks, can fetch you good prices. For a long holiday with the kids or a special honeymoon away from the crowds, a long-term rental is always a good idea.

If you haven’t taken houseboat rentals before, it is a good idea to check the pictures. Sometimes, you may need a small boat to reach the houseboat. Also, not all rentals are movable. Some just stand in water, allowing you to stay away from the intense hotel crowd. You also need to see how the electricity and basic aspects are maintained. Usually, some amount of food will be stocked on the boat, but do check for the same. You can request for special services as you want, for an extra charge prior to arrival.