All You Need To Know About Phen Tolerance


People consuming Phen pills as bodybuilding supplements are said to take prescribed doses and not to stop the dosage suddenly which may cause withdrawal symptoms. Usually Phen is supposed to to be taken for a only a couple of weeks. A break in cycle of taking Phen pills is important as the body may become intolerant.

How to know that you have become tolerant

The efficiency of the drug is not optimum to the users as time passes, because their bodies have become tolerant. This is caused as the enzymes produced for metabolising Phenare more active. The receptors in the body are for attaching the drug, in this case Phen, the receptors decline. Tolerance is not caused by addiction of the pills or in fact by any medication or supplement. One becomes resistant to the effects. It is the body’s reaction of not giving optimum results that the drug should give when ingested.

How to get back to track – read further

When your body has become tolerant to Phen or shows resistance to the pills. The following things can be done and these have proven to be effective to get the drug working again.

First and foremost drink a lot of fluids especially water keeping the body hydrated helps the body to rejuvenate. The drinking of water allows you to shed weight.

You should never become lax in your exercise schedule and presume the pill is doing its work and you need not put any more effort. The constant activeness of the body with the routine exercise will keep the body fit and release new receptors for the the drug to work effectively.

The consumption of protein to build muscle is important, increasing the protein intake will greatly help in building your body. As you lose fat and the muscle has to grow and be retained too. Protein is very rich food and it will make you feel full and not keep feeling hungry all the time.

Protein also prevents hair loss which is the major concern will consuming Phen pills.

As the pills are prescribed for a certain number of weeks, so it’s a good time to take a break from these pills and let the body try to function normally. This will allow the body cycle to resume its natural functioning

The acidity in your urine indicates that you’re that your alkaline levels have dipped so to balance those levels, you have lot of vegetables and fruits.

The sole culprits are alcohol, soda, coffee which increases the acidic levels in the body. Eat lot of citrus fruits, berries and coloured veggies.

How long is the break?

If it is a 12 weeks recommendation than a four week break is required. This is done to break off addiction also. Taking the pills for this long should be under the guidance of a medical health care professional.

After the tolerance break, it has been observed the Phen has worked even better, but check out with your doctor before restarting the dosage.