An Unspoken Member of the Family: Caring for Your Furry Friend


No matter how stressful your day has been or how many challenges were thrown at you, your pet is always happy to see you. Whether it’s your dog wagging his or her tail as you walk through the door or your parakeet singing a pleasant song during Sunday breakfast, pets enhance our lives by simply being themselves. It has been said that a dog is man’s best friend, but the same is true for any type of pet. Regardless of whether you have a cat, dog, turtle, or some other companion, it’s important to give him or her every opportunity to be healthy and happy. Whereas interpersonal relationships can turn sour in a hurry, your pets will return any love you give them tenfold.

This article will detail the three primary categories of pet care and how you can merge these concepts into your daily schedule.

Exercise and Stimulation

Consider life through your dog’s eyes for a brief moment. He or she relies on you for food, shelter, and water on a daily basis, and he or she tries his best to thank you with licks, tail wags, and cuddle sessions. Although cats and dogs don’t have the mental capacity of humans, they are still susceptible to many of the same conditions, disorders, and emotional states. If you don’t take the time to provide your pet with some proper exercise and mental stimulation, it won’t be long before he or she begins to act restless, antsy, and even destructive. This is because domestic animals, much like humans, require encouragement and contact in order to feel at ease. Apart from having a full tummy and a healthy coat of fur, your pet also needs to be “challenged.”

Be sure to interact with your pet on a daily basis. Mental stimulation can be facilitated with simple exchanges such as treat-based positive reinforcement, physical contact, and simply talking to your pet out loud. Getting your pet to exercise is pretty easy as well. Dogs need to be taken on a 20-minute walk each day, cats need about 30 minutes of stimulating playtime on a daily basis, and you can open every door in your home to let your bird spread its wings and fly through the house.

Proper Diet

Each and every animal requires a specific diet. You should conduct some basic research on your breed of pet, his or her age, and the corresponding dietary requirements. Dogs, for example, shouldn’t consume too much grain, corn, or sodium. Knowing exactly what your pet needs is much better than simply opting for the least expensive and largest bag of low-grade food. Find a healthy base food with a nutritious ingredients list and provide your pet with some variety by adding various wholesome toppings from time to time.



If you have insured your spouse, children, home, and car, why would you avoid providing the same protection for your pet? Whether you need cat insurance or dog insurance, there are modern pet insurance providers everywhere and they usually feature very affordable rates. From minor ailments such as a skin rash or an abrasion to more serious conditions such as cancer or a broken leg, your pet will experience bruises, bumps, and sicknesses throughout his or her life. Rather than saving up hundreds of dollars for veterinarian fees as issues come up, it makes much more sense to pay a low monthly rate for pet insurance in exchange for a tiny deductible. When the inevitable arises, it’s nice to know that your furry friend has financial support.

Giving Love Means Getting It Right Back

Going the extra mile for your pet is a selfless act, but it’s exactly what you signed up for in the first place. It has been said that caring for a pet is a great way to prepare for having a child and this is particularly true nowadays, especially as each generation continues to stray further away from traditional values. Get back to the basics and make sure your pet is taken care of.