Avoid These Removal Mistakes


Moving house is indeed a stressful process. You not only have to pack your belongings but you need to choose a removal company and finalise a mortgage. In order to avert any issues in this respect, never wait until the last minute to manage removal tasks. You also do not want to attempt to do everything yourself.

Selecting a Removal Company

The removal company that you choose to hire will be in possession of your belongings from point A to point B. Therefore, you need to make sure that the company you hire has an excellent and long-standing reputation in your community. The company you select should make it a practice to adhere to a stringent code of practices. Make sure that they have a strong reputation in the removal business.

Label Your Boxes

One of the common errors that people make whilst moving is not labelling their boxes. Some consumers simply do not see the importance or weight of distinguishing certain boxes. However, you really do not want to play a game of hide-and-seek when it comes to unpacking. Think about it: a mountain of unlabelled boxes in one room is much more stressful and confusing than clearly identified boxes placed in the appropriate rooms.

How to Identify Your Boxes

According to professionals who handle removals and storage in Cambridge, the best method of labelling boxes is to tag them by room and then list the primary contents. Add the words “fragile” if the items may easily be damaged or broken.

Get Rid of the Extra Stuff

In addition, you need to declutter your apartment or home before your scheduled moving day. Why do you want to transport items that have lain in drawers untouched for a year or more? You already have a lot to move so why add to the amount, time, and expense by moving junk that you do not need or use? Therefore, declutter your home before removal day by holding a sale or dropping off the excess belongings at a local charity.

Measure the Entrances

Do not forget to take measurements of the doors to your new home too. By obtaining this information, you will lessen removal day stress and give your removal company extra time for any disassembly.

Do Not Pack Heavy Items All Together in One Box

Remember when packing to allocate items so that they are evenly distributed. For example, do not pack a bunch of heavy books in one box. Doing so will make carrying the tomes difficult. If you have a library of books, pack them across several boxes.

Take the Items You Are Moving Out of the Loft First

Do you have belongings in the loft that you need to pack? Take the items out of the loft first before packing them. Manoeuvring boxes through a loft hatch and carrying them down a ladder can lead to a serious injury so take the items out of the loft to minimise the risk of a mishap.

Don’t Procrastinate

As noted, waiting until the last minute is not advised either. As soon as you know your removal date, begin planning and packing. Set an action plan in motion to ensure a more streamlined and successful removal.