Boys’ Theme Party Ideas


If your son is turning a year old next month, being a parent, you can surprise him with a theme party of his dreams. Theme birthday parties can be arranged for the boys and girls of any age. But if your son has turned 7 or 8 you can plan for him his favorite animation or superhero theme party.

Let’s take a quick look at the most amazing birthday party themes for your dear boy.

Harry Potter theme

If your boy is a huge Harry Potter fan, surprise him by planning a Harry Potter themed birthday bash. Invite his school friends and neighborhood friends by sending the boys birthday invitations e-cards which are in the vogue these days.

Makes sure that you start being with the theme from the e-card. So, Harry Potter and the other friends must be there on the cards. Ask the guests to be a Harry Potter costume. If not, they must have the wizard hat and the broom. You being the host can also arrange those props in your son’s birthday party.

Knight’s Theme

If you guys are fascinated about the medieval times, you can arrange a Knight’s party. Let the guests be the Knights of the Round Table and your son King Arthur. This can be fun altogether. You can deck up the venue like the castles. Let the girls in the party wear costumes like the fair maids of the medieval times or the princesses which are always cool.

Superhero Themes

When you want to see the Justice League live in your house, why don’t you make it the theme for your son’s birthday party? Let the guests be in the superhero suits of Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Antman, Deadpool, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and so on. This can be fun to see so many superheroes under one roof. Let your sonny be the one he worships. Boys of this age are more into hero worshipping and do encourage that being a parent.

Sports Theme

Sports theme is a one-stop birthday party theme for the boys. You can decorate the venue just like a soccer ground and let the guests be in their favorite teams’ jerseys. This can be fun altogether. The same you can consider if your son is fascinated about cricket, baseball, basketball or so.

When any sport is the theme, you need to make the cake like soccer or the baseball ball. This will add more flavor to the theme. Along with that, arrange a soccer game or baseball game in the backyard so that the little guests and your son can have a gala time playing around.

Animation Theme

Finally, you can think about any of your son’s favorite cartoons and make it the theme of the party. Doraemon, Pokémon, Ben 10 etc are some of the coolest animations that children loves these days.

Like this, you can plan the theme party of your little son and surprise him unlike before with the coolest birthday bash he has ever had.