Charitable Options: Sponsoring a Child


Many people give part of their income to charitable causes. There are several reasons—altruism, tax incentives, religious conviction, and karma, but the common theme is using resources to help those who are less fortunate. There are many options for charitable giving such as international aid organisations, local homeless shelters or food banks, and organisations dedicated to helping animals or the environment.

resize When you are thinking of contributing to a charity, the most important thing is to choose an organisation that aligns with your personal convictions and worldview. Following that, another important aspect is choosing a charity that spends money wisely. This means that a high percentage of the funding received is spent on the actual mission of the charity. There are some charities that have very high overhead costs and that pay their executive board expensive salaries. For the most part, people who contribute to a charity like to know that their money is being used to support a cause they care about, not to pay for millions in salary rates to an executive board.

Charities That Sponsor Children

One type of charity you may want to consider is an organisation dedicated to helping children living in poverty or other dire situations. In many third-world countries, it is the children who suffer the most. Many children’s charities exist to help those underprivileged children overcome poverty, as well as improve the infrastructure and living situation of the child’s family and village as much as possible. While every charity is different, most focus on providing essentials such as nourishing food, clean water, and shelter to needy children and families. Some also provide medical care, education, and community infrastructure.


Some charities actually give you the option to sponsor a specific child. This is a really wonderful situation where you can actually see the help your contribution is providing and be involved in the life of a child. Child sponsorship works differently with every charity, but the basic idea is that you choose a child to sponsor from a list provided by the charity. Some charities allow you to write letters to the child you sponsor or send birthday cards. Many charities also send a yearly photo of the child and an update on their living and educational progress. Some even allow you to set up a visit with the child you sponsor.

Choosing a Charity

One of the things to look for in a children’s charity is financial transparency. Of course you want the majority of your funds to actually go toward the children in need, but the reality is that some funding needs to cover the running of the charity. A charity that is open about how much money goes to each place is generally spending responsibly, and you can see what percentage of your donation is used in what area. Another thing to look for is the countries in which the charity works. You may have a specific desire to sponsor a child in a certain country, so you should find a charity that works in that area of the world.