Do You Have a Beard? How are You Taking Care of it?


    If you have a beard, you should also use a beard oil of a high quality. To understand the advantages of using the oil, you need to understand more about its ingredients. Many premium oils are made of two distinct oils – a carrier oil and an essential oil, or in some cases, a combination of essential oils. In some instances, higher-end beard oils may include such ingredients as vitamin E, or other herbal concoctions. Carrier oils generally deliver many of the benefits as they comprise approximately 90% of the actual beard oil.

    Beard Oils Get Rid of Itching and Discomfort

    Usually derived from nuts and seeds, carrier oils or essential oils are entirely natural, with the most popular ingredients represented by jojoba oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, and argan kernel oil. Oils of this type feature moisturising and hydrating abilities for the skin and hair. Beard oils are especially helpful for relieving the itch that is often associated with beard growth.

    Why Beard Oil is Necessary for Upkeep

    The majority of men who grow a beard will notice that the beard will itch after about a month’s worth of growth. Whilst some beardsmen try to get through this stage, the discomfort subsides by using a beard oil product.

    Itching becomes a problem because sebaceous glands, at the ends of beard follicles, create sebum oil, which naturally nourishes the skin. However, as a beard grows longer, it uses more of the sebum oil in the skin. So, the glands stay the same size whilst the beard gets longer. As a result, the manufacture of sebum oil cannot keep pace with the growth of the beard. This lack of hydration leads to a beard that is itchy and dry.

    Eliminating Beardruff with Beard Oil

    When you use an oil, such as Burly Fellow beard oil Australia, then, you add oil where it is needed, thereby supplementing the natural production of sebum oil. Applying beard oil is like applying aftershave without the need to shave. Another problem that can occur, if you do not use beard oil, is beardruff. Basically, this condition is beard dandruff. As the skin is over-dry, you start to itch it, forming flakes that show up on your shirt.

    Get Rid of Split Ends in Your Beard

    Happily, the use of beard oil eliminates itching and beardruff and smooths tangles as well. Not only that, regular applications of the oil reduce the appearance of split ends, thereby lessening the need for trims. The general appearance and feel of the beard improve with the introduction of the oil.

    Use a Boar’s Head Bristle Beard Brush

    Application of the oil entails applying a dime-sized amount into the palm of your hand and rubbing the oil from the base of the beard all the way through the ends. After the oil is applied, comb the beard with a beard comb or brush. Choose a boar’s hair bristle brush as it does an excellent job trapping the beard oil and distributing it through the follicles and along the skin.