Don’t be Surprised but there are Benefits of Meditation You Haven’t Known


You have probably heard about the scientific benefits of the impact of meditation on the brain and other parts of the body. And you may have known that meditation malas can be bought online such as from Meditative Wisdom. There are some practical and surprising benefits that arise as a direct result of meditating consistently in the morning.

Easier to Switch on Beast Mode

Meditation can cause a rise in testosterone levels in men leading to bigger and stronger muscles as well as more energy while you work out.

Let you Last in Bed

Apart from desiring to have strong muscles, men would want to have a healthy libido. As testosterone levels increase, a man’s ability to last longer in bed will increase. Thus, when morning sex is an option, you are likely to find that apart from having more stamina, meditating offers you more sensitivity and patience in terms of being with your partner.


You Counter Stress

Meditation serves as kryptonite to stress with the main side effects being better sleep, increased happiness and more creativity.

There is No Need for you to Drink Coffee

Meditation will activate the parasympathetic nervous system that triggers a state of relaxation. So although you wake up form sleep still tired, you can have energy-boosting endorphins after you meditate for twenty minutes helping you get energized without have to depend only on caffeine.

Can Turn your Mental Spam Filter On

The “busy mind” syndrome arises as your mental spam filter is not activated. Imagine when your email did not have a spam filter, and you had to sift through a lot of messages associated with money scams, inkjet printer cartridges and Viagra. Meditation helps in filtering out the external and internal noise as well as negative self-talk which can sabotage the perceptual acuity.

You Can Deal with Whatever your Day Brings

Meditation lets you more easily go into a flow state in which adapt to change.

You Counter Stress

Many studies have shown that if you are sleep-deprived or stressed, you tend to eat foods that are not good for you. After you build momentum from your meditation in the morning, you can discover that cravings for fried foods, doughnuts or candies dissipate and get substituted by a craving for cleaner and healthier foods your body can easily digest and convert into fuel so you can have more energy throughout the day.


You Will Be Better Behind the Wheel

Those who have difficulty multitasking can be more prone to accident, particularly while driving. Meditation can increase your multitasking ability and makes you a safe driver.

You Don’t Always Get Headaches

While meditation isn’t a medical treatment substitute, it can decrease pain linked with headaches which makes it a good complement to more conventional approaches to wellness and health. Some people experience daily headaches which go away as people change their diet and start meditating.

You Will Have a Growing Circle of Influence

As every day meditation helps in releasing stress, this can make you more compassionate. In the process, you tend to become less critical and judgment of others.