Fatherhood Initiative Programs Aim To Build Strong Families


Children that grow up without a father, or a strong father figure, are far more likely to live below the poverty level, struggle and often fail in school, and use drugs or alcohol. There is no single factor that hurts children more than the absence of a father; and that is why these initiatives are springing up.

Build Strong Families

All around the country, fatherhood initiative programs have been created to help build strong families with the father at the core of the family. Some of these programs are church or community initiatives, but many are backed by state and local government, the military, and even corrections departments.

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The goal of these programs is to enable organizations to design and collect the resources needed to get fathers engaged in the lives of their children, and keep them involved and committed. Further, the primary goal is prevention of single-parent homes; equipping fathers with the parenting skills and guidance needed so that they can guide their children in return, and co-parent with their child’s mother.

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An engaged and committed father means improved well-being for the children and the family as a whole, and stronger families lead to more stable communities as well.