Getting rid of hemorrhoids without seeing a doctor


Hemorrhoids and constipation are common gastro and intestinal conditions that can happen to anyone. But these are humiliating! They take away your confidence and mess up with your plans all the time!

But do you know that you can get rid of these conditions naturally? Yes, you can! It can take a little more time and effort, but these methods are all natural. And they promise better and satisfying results!

With the use of a squat stool, you will be able to get rid of hemorrhoids in all natural way!

So there is nothing to be ashamed of! Get rid of the irritation and pain caused by hemorrhoids and constipation today!

How hemorrhoids and constipation affect your life

Hemorrhoids and constipation are conditions in the digestive and excretory systems that affect many people. Hemorrhoids refer to the swelling of nerves and tissues in the surrounding area of the rectum and anus.

On the other hand, constipation is the hardening of stool, making it harder to expel, thus, worsening the condition of hemorrhoids.

These conditions result from several cases including:

  • Overweight and obesity. If you are heavy, your lower extremities carry too much pressure. It causes the nerves and tissues in the anus and rectum to swell and rupture, too. This contributes to the development and worsening of hemorrhoids.
  • Poor diet. If you do not eat healthy foods, there is also a huge chance that you develop constipation and hemorrhoids. Salty foods lead to constipation. Alcoholic and caffeinated drinks, too! If you do not eat enough fiber rich foods, you are most likely to get constipated at all times. And mind you, constipation leads to worsen hemorrhoids in general.
  • Constipation. Hard time during bowel movement may cause the veins to implode and bleed, thus worsening the hemorrhoids.
  • Heredity and genes.  Some people say that hemorrhoids can be passed on.  But some doctors argue that it is the lifestyle and foods that people eat which is passed to their sibling and children, which contribute in the development of unhealthy lifestyle that can lead to constipation and eventually hemorrhoids.
  • Pregnancy. The pressure and weight produced during pregnancy can also cause hemorrhoids.


Are you tired of the discomfort, pain, and even the humiliated that you have been experiencing due to hemorrhoids? Good thing it is not a hopeless case today. Yes, there are things you can naturally do to prevent this condition from happening. Check on the following:

A squat Stool for a better go

People have been accustomed to the sitting position in the toilet. But do you know that the right and natural position to go is by squatting and not sitting?

In several studies conducted, doctors have probed that squatting position helps in lessening the pressure on the muscles around the rectum during bowel movement. In sitting position, the muscles in the lowest abdomen area in your large intestine are being crumped, thus blocking the stool to come out.

During this time, especially when constipated, you tend to push harder to let the stool out. This situation causes too much pressure in the rectum and anus, causing the hemorrhoids to worsen.


Developers introduced the squat stool to help people with hemorrhoids and those who experience constipation to have a normal, easy and effective way to help bowel movements. Among the benefits of this equipment include:

Benefits of squat stool

  • It allows you to save an arm and a leg. If you use this product, you can get rid of hemorrhoids and constipation without having to undergo to expensive surgery or take those pricey medicines.
  • It helps in nourishing other members of the family. It is not only for the person who has hemorrhoids. It is for the whole family who you want to save from developing hemorrhoids and constipation as well. Educating them with the proper and natural way in bowel movement will help you and the whole family’s nourishment and health.
  • It is harmless and natural. This is a natural implement and does not contain any harmful chemical or medicine that could damage your health or your family’s.
  • It doesn’t involve any side effects. Since it is natural, it its very unlikely to cause you side effects such as allergies.


There are other ways to get rid of hemorrhoids naturally. Among them are listed below.

Lose some pounds 

Heaviness can cause hemorrhoids and constipation. So if you are overweight, it is recommended to lose some pounds to achieve the advisable weight for you.

Improve yourdiet

Improving your diet is a key in having a good functioning digestive system. Drink plenty of water and eat fiber rich foods to help get rid of hemorrhoids and constipation. Among the foods where you can find fiber content are almonds, apple, artichoke, avocado, barley, broccoli, carrot, corn nuts, pineapple, olive oil, berries, and wheat.

Home remedies to get rid of hemorrhoids naturally

There are also some natural home remedies that you can do to help get rid of hemorrhoids and constipation. Among these include the following:

Cold compress

Applying cold compress in the area helps to reduce severe inflammation and pain caused by hemorrhoids and constipation. To relieve pain and discomfort, do this twice or thrice each day.

Essential oils and creams

There are wide varieties of essential oils available to help you in lessening the pain, itchiness and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids and constipation. Among these oils include the lavender, olive and coconut oil.

Soak cotton ball in oil and apply directly to the hemorrhoids. Continued usage of this remedy can help not only in lessening the itchiness and pain but also in getting rid of hemorrhoids for good!

Aloe vera

This plant is known to ease the pain and itchiness caused by hemorrhoids. To help, cut a leaf from the plant and remove the skin and thorns. Extract the gel from the inside and directly apply it to the hemorrhoids. Do this twice or thrice each day for better results.

If you want a natural way to get rid of hemorrhoids and constipation, you can simply use a squat stool and have a natural and relaxing moment every time you poop! Look for more information.