Go Kart racing tips and tricks


Need to break free from your hectic routine? Bored of doing the same work at your desk? Want to have some fun racing with colleagues and friends? Your prayers have been answered! There are many places that offer adventure sports in Mumbai and Go Kart is the one trending on top these days. But before you tie your seat belt and run towards the finishing line, you need to know the tips and tricks to Go Kart and win one of the amazing adventure sports in Mumbai.

  • Posture matters

Make sure that you are seated comfortably with your back leaned against the seat. Avoid sitting lean because it will only slow you down. This tip looks negligible but plays a very important role to ensure you have a smooth race and win.

  • Have a symmetric grip on the wheel

Next comes your trick to handle the wheel. It is very essential to have a grip on the wheel in a symmetric manner. Try to keep your hands mirrored so as to have a sturdy grip. This gives more control while turning and saves your time and inertia while driving on the path.

  • Keep up with the momentum

Do not be spontaneous. Keep your eyes on what is next on the path to plan your moves accordingly. This will help you to maintain the momentum and does not give a chance to apply brakes and slow down.

  • Stay straight

Try to drive straight as much as you can. Because turning or swerving around other racers will slow you down. As long as you are driving straight and following the same path, you are bound to touch the finish line first.

  • Be as smooth as possible

Keep driving smoothly without braking, swerving or fluctuating acceleration. This will ensure you move ahead of the others without slowing down or losing grip.

  • Avoid braking while turning

Braking while turning will result in loss of grip through the tyres and spinning out of the track. Do not brake while driving. Braking is advisable only when you are driving straight.

  • The brake and accelerator

Do not apply the brake and accelerator simultaneously otherwise it will cause the engine to stop abruptly.

  • Follow the ones ahead of you

This proves to be a great learning lesson, especially when you are new to Go Karting. Follow the leaders on their path and see how they leave behind the slower racers. Keep a safe distance from them and move ahead if you get a chance.

  • Avoid spinning and turning

Do not try to act cool by swirling and spinning on the path as this will only slow you down and waste your time. You may also drift away from the path.

  • The fastest lap time wins

The winner is judged on the basis of who has the fastest lap time. Passing the other drivers has a lesser chance of winning you the trophy.