Hiring A DJ For Your Wedding Isn’t A Hard Thing!


Your wedding is probably the most important day of your life. You have spent a good chunk of the savings on arrangements, and you would want the guests and people present to have a gala time. Of course, this entails a lot of planning, and not everyone knows where to start. However, if you think of happening wedding, you just cannot miss three things – theme, catering and music. Gone are times when people would get musicians for reception. Today, it is much more fun to have a DJ. Here are some top tips to pick a service.

Check their experience

Music played at a lounge is very different from what is played at a wedding. When you look for dj services Auckland, you have to make sure that they are experienced at handling weddings. Ask them in detail about the clients they have worked so far and whether they are willing to give references. If yes, always call their clients to know more about their ethics and professionalism. Take your time to know the scale of events they have handled so far, so that you can estimate if they can handle your wedding requirements.


The basic aspects

When it comes to wedding, DJs need to work really hard on the soundtrack. Typically, this is done after talking to the couple concerned. Your DJ should have the time that’s needed both before and during the event. If you have songs you wish to play or the ones that you want to avoid, it is a good idea to mention the same. Most of the companies that offer such services will be willing to work on all kinds of budgets, but to be sure, always ask for an estimate for the wedding. There is always a choice to work on the final price, so in case paying a better amount ensures better entertainment, it is best to opt for the same. Also, check with the service for the equipment they use, and whether they have a backup ready for any kind of mishap.


Find more about passion

A disc jockey doesn’t just mix music, but he often has passion for most of the music he plays. At weddings, he has worked with the client and still must find ways to keep the crowd alive. Ask the company of they can handle requests from guests or they can play new kind of music, if needed. DJs must also be willing to work at the venue concerned, because every kind of setting isn’t the same. Don’t miss on asking on their requests and comfort factors, because you don’t really want the service to be half baked after paying huge money.


Sometimes, DJs do ask for special arrangements with regards to lighting and ambience, which is meant to better the overall environment. If there are any such requests, make sure that you discuss the same in advance and whether they can offer a package for everything. Not to forget, don’t miss on knowing if they have bookings or reservations on that date.

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