How a Log Cabin Could Change Your Life


Just imagine not having to navigate morning traffic and hustle to get to a bleak office that you cannot stand. Working from home is many people’s dream, and it could be one that you are serious about, so why not create a working paradise right in your garden?

Imagine a working environment where there is not an annoying co-worker in sight, there is no commute involved, and you get to control which radio station plays in the office. Better yet, you don’t need to make tea for everyone in the office every time you want a cup! Doesn’t that sound like an idyllic working environment? What if you could live the dream? What if you even realised it could improve your health?

Health and the Working Environment

The average working week in this country is about 43 hours which is one of the longest working weeks in Europe, and for small business owners, the hour count is typically a lot higher. All across the nation, it is estimated that we lose over 130 million working days every year due to ill health and injury, with back pain and stress enforced by longer working days and gruelling commutes being the major causes.

There Is a Solution!

You can do something to improve your productivity and your health. Sit down and really think about what causes your illnesses and stress and ask yourself how you could overcome them. What if you could work from home and do away with the commute? You may be worried about all the distractions at home when you’re trying to get work done. Well, what about working in the garden?

Luxury log cabins are the perfect solution. The views may be inspirational, and they won’t steal time from your day the way a Netflix subscription or the lure of your Xbox might! Today’s log cabin choices are plentiful and you can choose double-glazed, heated, and well-lit cabins complete with electricity to create your dream office.

Log Cabin Could Change Your Life1

With your very own cabin, you can set up everything you need to work just the way you want it, which will lead to greater productivity. While you may be thinking that’s great for people who do office work, you may wonder about people who have a more hands-on trade. Cabins are available in an assortment of sizes and if you have a larger garden, you can arrange an area of it into a unique garden office. Better yet, set up a few smaller cabins to create separate work and production spaces.

Stress Relief

A cabin as a home office is a great help with stress relief, too. At the end of your working day, you can step out of the cabin and take a seat on your patio to watch the sunset while sipping a refreshing glass of something tasty. There’s no getting in the car or heading for the tube and battling rush hour, so you can just feel the stress melt away.