How effective is Liquid HGH Fragment?


Human growth hormone products are much in demand at the sports and nutritional stores. They are known to improve muscle growth, develop lean muscles, decrease fat ratio, and add more benefits like better libido. Most of these claims are backed up by scientific research, and today we review the HGH fragment 176-191.

Results of HGH Fragment

Human growth hormone is produced and secreted in our pituitary gland that locates inside our brain. Times when the gland starts malfunctioning, it might indicate deficiencies in the hormone. When children have short stature, it is easy to detect such deficiency. For adults, it can alter metabolic functions, contribute bone loss, and finally lead to osteoporosis or negatively impact cognitive levels like focus. Our human growth hormone is also a protein peptide hormone. Protein synthesizes through amino acids, and without that, there will be an obstruction in the process. 5 mg of an HGH peptide fragment can be externally added to your body, when you have deficiency in your body. It is used as a growth hormone therapy for its synthetic production. The synthetic product of growth hormone is called somatropin and is made with 191 amino acids.


The best HGH fragment to buy is 176-191 and it is defined as a modified version of amino acid marked between 176 and 191. The numbers specify C-terminal region of our HGH. The synthetic version skillfully replicates HGH and normal bodily functions that include metabolizing fat, muscle growth, stimulating glycolysis, and more. Manufactures say that the HGH fragment 176-191 is about 12.5 times stronger compared to natural growth hormone for hitting lipolysis. It is also known to offer anti-aging benefits as it increases the level of insulin.

Side Effects

The dosage recommendation for HGH Fragment 176-191 tend to differ depending on the source, like the bodybuilding forum you access and your health condition. Studies determine that a safe and effective dose ranges between 400 to 600 mcg when consumed in intervals throughout the day.

Some studies assure that the product will not give serious reactions when used as recommended. However, that doesn’t mean you are absolutely safe. The negative impacts are temporary and reduce with time. It is difficult to determine how it reacts on an individual as their age, health, weight, are determining factors that can vary. Medical conditions like illnesses and diseases can also react adversely.

The studies that verify possibility of muscular enhancement are less and not usually recommended. Stacking the 5 mg of an HGH peptide fragment with more drugs like anabolic steroids is usually done by bodybuilders. This in turn makes the process more difficult and you never know the outcome. The more you stack other drugs with the main drug, you have more chances to face its outcomes. There has been quite a good result for using HGH fragment 176-191 weight loss. However, those were only for the obese and not for bodybuilding. It is essential to detect what is good for your health and what is not, before opting for any drug and going through its impacts.