How should you look after your AC unit for Effective Working?


An AC unit has been one of the highly beneficial inventions of the contemporary era. It caters you with peace in scorching summer days along with keeping you away from the disturbing heat. The machine has been highly useful, but they do not come cheap. You would be required to pay a significant price for the AC unit.

Maintenance of the AC unit

This would also call for requisite attention to the imperative matter of taking good care of the air conditioning unit. You would also be required to undertake regular maintenance to have your AC unit continuing to work in the best condition for a considerable length of time. No one has been looking forward to purchase an air conditioner every year and neither would you. Hence, you should know about the various kinds of maintenance methods to keep your AC unit in a healthy state.

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It would not be wrong to suggest that various owners have usually neglected the maintenance factor. AC units have been well built machines. This would also mislead the owners at times. When the machine has been emitting cool air, people think that everything has been fine. However, they have not been aware of the fact that the AC unit has been losing its effectiveness and efficiency with each passing year.

What would happen for lack of maintaining AC units?

You should be made aware that in case you do not undertake maintenance of your AC unit, it would lose around 5% of its efficiency with each passing year. It has been immaterial that the air conditioner has been giving cool air or not, its efficiency would be decreased significantly. Every air, the conditioner encompasses a rated capacity. A decent air conditioner would usually work efficiently for fifteen years. In some cases, it might work for more. In case, you carry out routine maintenance of the air conditioner, there would be every chance that the air conditioner would be working at its rated capacity all through the life.

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How to perform maintenance on AC unit

You should perform regular checks on the AC unit slightly before the due date. The question would be how to perform the maintenance of your AC unit?

First, you would be required to perform a general observation check. You should look for any leakage or odd sounds. Moreover, you should check for proper drainage of the condenser tube.

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Second, checking filters for cleanliness has been important. You must clean the filters on monthly basis to let your AC unit provide optimum performance.

Third, clean the compressor. The compressor ought to be cleaned from the outside using a hose. The dust should not effect in the proper functioning of the air conditioner. For more information, you could visit