How To Choose The Best Aromatherapy Fragrance For Your Hot Tub Or Spa


With the increase in awareness of the benefits of a holistic lifestyle, many people are now combining aromatherapy into their everyday lives. There are a number of different ways you can do this from a diffuser that you plug in to a normal plug socket, a burner that uses a tea light to heat the oil or a fragrance to add to a hot tub or spa. However, when using a hot tub or spa for this purpose you need to be aware of certain things. We asked Aqua Spa Supplies for their top tips!

Aromatherapy fragrances designed to be used in a hot tub are not the same as the ones you would use in a burner or diffuser. They need to be specially designed and produced so they cause no harm to the tub, the pipework, the filter or the motor. Do not be tempted to use an aromatherapy oil you have bought off the high street. So what choices do you have in these types of fragrance?

Try the Liquid Pearls range from inSPAration, one of the leading manufacturers in these products who have been producing them for over 35 years. Their unique blends will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised and with the choice available, there’s going to be something for everyone. Try lavender to balance your senses, eucalyptus to treat a cold or citrus splash to energise you.

Spazazz are also renowned for their great range of aromatherapy spa products. With tempting blends such as the delicious sounding honey mango, exotic coconut and vanilla or the revitalising tropical rain you can turn your leisure time into a whole new experience. They combine natural fragrances with moisturising botanicals which can be an alternative way of treating aches and pains, stress or tension in a way that is harmless to your hot tub or spa.