How to Get the Best Experience from Your Vacation


Now that travel is becoming more affordable, places that were once only attainable to the general public through photos are now popular vacation destinations. With a world of possibilities opening up, many people have found themselves intrigued by the beauty of the countries they visit, but are not able to experience it as fully as they would like. To get the most out of your visit, travel to an area that has a lot to offer, like Bangkok, and try not to stay in a traditional hotel. To get the most out of your experience, you want to feel as if you are living in your travel destination, not visiting.

Though many believe you cannot live in a location until you physically move, obtaining a local experience is not a difficult as you may imagine. To make for a more authentic experience, you simply need to find the right place to stay and adopt the right attitude.

Finding a Place to Stay

While staying in a hotel is the norm for many travelers, it doesn’t provide the comfort of a home. Instead, try for something with a more welcoming environment, like an apartment. Though they may not be the first option that comes to mind, serviced apartments in Bangkok provide all the comfort of being at home. These spaces are available for both short and long-term stays, and utilities are included with the charges. They are fully furnished with full kitchens, giving you the option to cook breakfast, brew a full pot of coffee, or enjoy a glass of wine in your living room after an eventful day. They are also more spacious, and you won’t have to worry about loud guests in neighboring hotel rooms.

Setting the Right Pace

When you’re planning a trip, it’s tempting to try to cram as many activities into your day as possible. However, doing this actually takes away from your experience. When planning, try not to schedule more than one location per day that you’d like to visit. Don’t give yourself a timeline for completing tasks – let everything flow naturally. Wake up at an hour that is convenient for you and make yourself a nice breakfast. Then sit and enjoy a cup of tea, or coffee if you’d prefer. When you head out, don’t bring too many unnecessary items. All you really need is a camera, a set of directions, and enough knowledge of the local language to get by if you encounter a non-English speaker – all of which are things you can use your phone for.

serviced apartments in Bangkok provide

If you must bring more than a phone and your wallet, take only a small day bag. Anything larger will both weigh and slow you down, taking away from the incredible experience around you. Spend your day at a leisurely pace and observe as many of the local traditions and customs as you can. Perhaps you will find yourself strolling through the bustling rows of Chatuchak Market, or taking a leisurely stroll down Khao San Road. When you’ve satisfied your curiosity for the day, you can retire back to your apartment. Brew yourself a hot cup of tea and enjoy the peace and serenity of your home away from home.

Traveling is an incredible experience. Make the most of yours by submerging yourself in the experience, instead of cramming everything into one day.