Learn From The Expert


Why is it that people relied so much in the thyroid secret video? What is the content of this video? The thyroid secret video is a documentary about the known thyroid problems. Some of the issues tackled here are the Hashimoto disease, hypothyroid and hyperthyroid. You might wonder who is behind this documentary video. This video is created by Dr. Wentz. This is about her journey in quest of finding more about the mentioned diseases. Why do you think that Dr. Wentz is quite inspired to do this video? The reason is actually simple; she is also a victim of this disease.

For those who don’t know yet, Dr. Wentz is one of the most prominent thyroid experts. Thus the moment she realized that she is having the Hashimoto disease, she decided to assist those who are in similar condition. She wants to impart to them some of the things she know about this disease.

Through this thyroid secret video, you will learn a lot about the Hashimoto disease. What your doctor fails to tell you will be enlightened here and not only that, you will also be informed of some of the best options you can take.