Regulate your Anadrol cycle effectively


Anadrol is a powerful anabolic steroid and it is very important that you know every detail about the drug before using it. Wrong dosage cycle and extremities of concentrations will not bring any fruitful results. There are some people who feel confused and doubtful about using anabolic steroids alongside strenuous gym workouts and balanced diets, but there is actually no harm if you consult a professional bodybuilder or an expert about your dosage plans.

How to use Anadrol tablets?

Most of the anabolic drugs are available in the market as oral tablets of 50 mg concentration. Thus it is evident that you take that as the standardised dose every day. But there are controversies about which dose to start your bulking program with- 25 mg or 50 mg Anadrol tablets. Due to this, people often do some common mistakes when taking Anadrol that shows up in the end results. Some of the key facts to keep in mind before going for the Anadrol cycle:

  • If you take 25 mg concentration of Anadrol per day, the results are really fast and can be experienced within the first week only.
  • Rather than starting the program with a cutting cycle, initiate with an effective bulking cycle as Anadrol is a very strong anabolic drug.
  • The product can gift you with amazing results within a short span of time if taken exactly how it is standardised for you.
  • The steroid is widely available and legally approved for consumption.
  • If you stack Anadrol with Anavar, that can kick start a remarkable cutting cycle with positive results.
  • There are many first time users go complain on gaining 20 to 30 pounds in the first cycle. It is quite common because Anadrol causes heavy amount of water retention within the body at the beginning.
  • If you are planning to bulk up your muscles to a greater extent without causing body damage by increasing the concentration of one steroid, you can stack Anadrol with Deca Durabol. Deca is a strong anabolic steroid and will enhance the muscle build up mechanism more quickly.
  • Anadrol increases your appetite and stimulates the production of RBC to facilitate more supply of oxygenated blood to the heavily working muscles.
  • It improves the pathway of protein synthesis and retains nitrogen content within muscle tissues.
  • Since Anadrol is a synthetic steroidal supplement, judicious use of the product is recommended to avoid negative end results.

How to regulate the doses?

25 mg of Anadrol is a bit safer to use for beginners as the risk of side effects is lowered in this case. When professional athletes are concerned, go for the 50 mg dose taken per day so that the effect is strong and quick to combat sports related challenges. Some people commit common mistakes when taking Anadrol in the greed of getting a toned, ripped body at a rapid rate. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you have prior knowledge about the pros and cons of the steroids before incorporating it in your dietary schedule to eliminate minimum possible chances of steroidal damage to your body.