Three Reasons Why an Outdoor Fountain Show Makes Businesses Stand Out


There’s nothing quite as magical as walking around a shopping centre and coming across a beautiful fountain, shooting water into the air in intricate patterns, beautiful designs, and hypnotizing rhythms. Watching the water fly while accompanied by some grand music, or, better yet, some colourful lights can liven up an evening in such a simple, yet powerful way. Your night went from ‘boring errands’ to ‘great experience’ in just a few moments.

The sense of awe that accompanies these kinds of installations is one of the reasons locations like Las Vegas are so popular. As long as you’re walking down the street, you’re experiencing something unique, beautiful, and vibrant. Pair those displays with a couple of your closest friends, and you’re guaranteed to have a night full of cherished memories.

There’s no doubt that displays like those draw crowds. Imagine bringing that same sense of wonder to your business or event. Working with Liquid Fireworks could make that a possibility, and there are some compelling reasons to do so.

It’s a Show All by Itself

Watching a performance, like Cirque du Soleil, for instance, is enthralling because of the beautifully fluid movements of the gymnasts contrasted against their remarkably vivid costumes and the rainbows of colours surrounding the stage. Fountain displays are your personal acrobatics performance—the water is your gymnasts, the lighting and music are your stages. Those passing by can’t resist stopping and staring, and maybe even taking a photo or two. After all, unlike expensive shows like Cirque du Soleil, there’s no cost of admission. Increase foot traffic and make your customers happier all in one simple swoop.

It Can Be Made to Order

The possibilities with display fountains are nearly limitless. Working with a reliable and well-taught company means you can have a self-contained fountain within its own pool of water, ranging all the way up to a barge-sized water show floating in open depths. While it might be pretty hard to design something for business in a strip mall, many businesses and outdoor shopping centres will find that they could benefit from a dazzling fountain show in one way or another.

They Don’t Have to Be Outside

These shows are popular enough that people who want to watch will pay admission. While that’s pretty hard to enforce in regards to an outdoor display, Liquid can create a display indoors as well. Given enough space and the proper layout, you could soon switch from drawing crowds to the doors of your business to bringing them directly inside your shopping centre. Give your customers the experience of spending time with their closest friends, and eating food from a local restaurant while experiencing the spectacle of a fountain display attraction.

These fountains are truly more than just fountains, and they can change the atmosphere of a shopping area or event from generic to ethereal. Draw in crowds of unforeseen proportions, and give your patrons an experience they’ll never forget. You’re not just doing them a favour either, because down the line, you’ll be able to thank yourself for it.