Tips on How to Shop for Wedding Sparklers


Shopping for wedding supplies can be a stressful task, but shopping for certain items like wedding favors can actually be a labor of love. It can be a lot of fun to sort through all the items that you can give your guests or use to enhance your big day, and probably the most interesting item you can choose is wedding sparklers. Wedding sparklers can be used as your favors or you can make them part of traditional activities by replacing confetti or birdseed.

There are three main sizes of wedding sparklers that are available, and each has its own pros and cons. Since most people aren’t experts on sparklers, knowing which size to buy can be a little confusing. Here is some information about each size of sparkler so you can make the best decision for your needs.

10 Inch Sparklers

10 inch wedding sparklers are perfect for couples on a tight budget because they are by far the least expensive option. At less than $0.05 each, 10 inch sparklers fit into almost any couples wedding budget. However, they only last about 30 seconds each, so they might burn too fast for your wedding unless you have a very short guest list. Unless you are inviting less than 50 guests, you probably want to steer clear of 10 inch wedding sparklers and opt for a longer version.

20 Inch Sparklers

Perfect for mid-sized gatherings, 20 inch wedding sparklers are considered the industry standard and are by far the most popular option. Most people consider 20 inch sparklers to be the perfect mix between price and performance because they last over 1 ½ minutes and don’t cost an arm and a leg to purchase. Their longer burn time makes them ideal for weddings up to 150 guests, and their low price allows almost every couple to fit them into their budget.

36 Inch Sparklers

If you are having more than 150 guests at your wedding or you just want the biggest and brightest sparklers available, the 36 inch length is by far the “Cadillac” of wedding sparklers. Lasting well over 4 minutes each, 36 inch wedding sparklers last longer and burn brighter than any other size available. While bigger always seems better at first, but it can actually be a hindrance for weddings under 150 guests because they burn for way too long. However, if you plan to have over 150 guests, there’s no better choice than 36 inch wedding sparklers.

Which Size Should I Choose?

There is no “on size fits all” choice when shopping for wedding sparklers; the right selection is determined by the size of your guest list and how you plan to use them. As a general rule, when in doubt, choose 20 inch wedding sparklers. If you have almost no room in your budget, 10 inch wedding sparklers are better than nothing. If you have more than 150 guests, 36 inch wedding sparklers are really the only viable choice. By factoring in the size of your wedding and how long you need them to burn, shopping for wedding sparklers can be a matter of science rather than gut instinct.